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Monday, February 6, 2017

English Secular Music of the Late Renaissance

Here's another fascinating, rewarding presentation of Oulde Musicke, by turns jolly and melancholy.

I particularly like the "Cries," which are merchant or other everyday voices competing for attention.

This LP came out in 1969.

I was put out by the scratches on the LP cover, so I reworked another photo of the cover sculpture.
Here are the tracks:

01.  Cryes of London - Thomas Weelkes (9:58)
02.  Hey Down a Down - Anonymous  (1:22)
03.  Weep Mine Eyes - Thomas Vautor (4:21)
04.  Alman a 4 - Thomas Tomkins (1:58)
05.  Since Robin Hood - Thomas Weelkes  (1:11)
06.  Rustic Lovers - Thomas Ravenscroft (3:20)
07.  Do Not Repine - Orlando Gibbons (8:04)
08.  Thule - Thomas Weelkes (4:25)
09.  Sing - Martin Peerson (1:53)
10.  Take Heed of Time - Anonymous  (1:49)
11.  Country Cries - Richard Dering (5:47)

Also included are scans of the complete original LP notes.

English Secular Music of the Late Renaissance

See you next Monday!

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