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Monday, January 2, 2017

The Stereotypical Evil Laugh

Here's another fine album from the early days of CDs.  1985, to be exact.

Even if it contains pieces that you love, we diehard Wagner-music fans cannot deny that the "blowhard" approach of a wind ensemble is a great fit to a lot of Wagner's stuff.

01. Großer Festmarsch (American Centennial March - 1876) (13:51)
02. Die Meistersinger Von Nürnberg — Act III: Prelude (5:01)
03. Tannhäuser: Grand March (6:32)
04. Lohengrin — Act III: Introduction and Bridal Chorus (8:28)
05. Götterdämmerung: Funeral March (7:28)
06. Das Rheingold: Entry of the Gods into Walhalla (6:59)

Track 1 is a lot of motion that doesn't go anywhere (to my taste).  But I think you'll like most of this blustering donnerwetter.

Brass at Walhalla.

Oh ... the post title?  I dare you to repeat the name of this album a couple of times and NOT feel that it's transmuting into the Big Bad Villain's Laugh, "Bwaa-ha-ha-ha!"

See you Thursday.  Happy New Year!

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