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Thursday, December 15, 2016

MA-83 - 45s & Favorites, Disc 16

Here are more songs from the past that are either
  • inarguably great dittys that continue to stand the test of time
  • symbolic of a pathetic attempt to live in the past

I say, why not BOTH?

01. Taxman (Take 11) - The Beatles (2:31)
02. I Talk to the Wind - King Crimson (6:08)  1969
03. In a Broken Dream - Python Lee Jackson (3:39)  1970
04. One Monkey Don't Stop No Show - Honey Cone (3:45)  1971
05. Hurting Each Other - Carpenters (2:48)  1971
06. Watching the River Flow - Bob Dylan (3:34)  1971
07. Chapel of Love - Bette Midler (2:43)  1972
08. When My Baby's Beside Me - Big Star (3:22)  1972
09. Comic Book Heroes - I'm Your Superman - Rick Springfield (3:39)  1973
10. Sister Mary Elephant - Cheech & Chong (3:34)  1973
11. Wild Tales - Graham Nash (2:13)  1973
12. Who Do You Think You Are - Jigsaw (2:57)  1974
13. To Each His Own - Faith, Hope & Charity (5:18)  1975
14. Howzat! - Sherbet (3:45)  1976
15. Hold On -  Ian Gomm (2:59)  1978
16. Rock Lobster (DB Records version) - The B-52's (4:38)  1978
17. Kitty - Racey (3:21)  1979
18. Fish Heads - Barnes & Barnes (2:25)  1980
19. Eaten by the Monster of Love - Sparks (2:59)  1982
20. Earthquake Song - The Little Girls (2:38)  1983
21. The Real End - Rickie Lee Jones (5:02)  1984
22. Sgt  Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise) - A Day in the Life -  Big Daddy (4:56)  1992

... And a few random comments on some of the tracks:
Track #4:  You know your singing group is lackluster when you have to hire an outside singer (Rod Stewart) to have a hit.
Track #9:  A great pair of interlocked tracks from Springfield's second studio album, 1973's Comic Book Heroes.  Whenever I listen, I'd swear that the second part, "I'm Your Superman," is like half a musical step lower than the guitar intro track.
Track #13:  This is not only a fun disco song -- of which there are very few, in my opinion -- but a fine statement of human rights and free thoughts
    The best of business, In the line of business, Is to mind your business --
    So mind your business, If you got no business, Then make it your business
    To leave other people's business alone!
    To each his own, that's my philosophy!

Track #17:  This song is of course, the original from which Toni Basil fashioned her version, "Mickey."
Track #18:  You know that half of Barnes & Barnes is Bill Mumy, the sci-fi star?
Track #22:  From 1992, the wonderful conceit of the band Big Daddy's Sgt Pepper's is that it's performed by a 1950s doo-wop band that has just escaped from a media-free captivity for several decades.  Each song on this frabjous album is performed in a various 1950s pop trope.  The melding of the album's final song with Buddy Holly's legend is super-stupendous.

MA-83 - 45s & Favorites, Disc 16

Thanks to all, and I'll see you on Monday!

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