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Monday, June 27, 2016

William Bolcom - Frescoes - Maddening and Fascinating

The LP containing War in Heaven and The Caves of Orcus is one, that I bought off a discount table at the OCU bookstore in the mid-1970s (another would be Mary O'Hara's 1967 Songs of Ireland).  I added a few other items from various places.

Definitely not in the melodic vein of his more traditional rags, the first two pieces, Frescoes, are big in scope, impressionistic, and may set both your teeth and your brain on edge.

01 - War in Heaven
02 - The Caves of Orcus

03 - The Tabby Cat Walk
04 - The Eternal Feminine
05 - The Poltergeist (Rag Fantasy)
06 - The Serpent's Kiss
07 - Rag Infernal

 See you Thursday.

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