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Monday, June 20, 2016

A Fine Romp, Milady!

This is a fine recording and presentation of the music for one of the finest adventure films of all time.  You can certainly hear inspirations for John Williams' adventure music and love themes.  Wonderful, bounding, optimistic, music from when the world was new and full of promise, and blackguards always got four feet of fine steel in the gut.

1.   Prologue (Main Title) (01:34)
2.   Banquet At Nottingham Castle (01:52)
3.   Robin Enters The Great Hall (00:56)
4.   Escape From The Castle (05:09)
5.   Robin Meets Little John (01:38)
6.   The Oath And The Black Arrow (01:54)
7.   Robin And Friar Tuck (01:24)
8.   Ambush In Sherwood (03:01)
9.   Feast In The Forest (02:52)
10.   Robin And Marian (03:09)
11.   The Archery Tournament (03:04)
12.   Escape From The Gallows (02:13)
13.   Love Scene (05:40)
14.   Dagger Fight: King Richard In Sherwood (02:07)
15.   Coronation Procession (03:05)
16.   Duel, Victory And Epilogue (03:22)

Stand and deliver!

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1 comment:

  1. Still one of my favorite films.
    Hollywood has lost its ability to entertain.