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Monday, February 22, 2016

Pass the Ketchup Ice Cream While I Listen to This Honky Tonk Hootenanny

It transpires that in the world of the late 1950s, "Big" Tiny Little was a big shot in the world of Lawrence Welk fans.  I had never heard of him until I saw this LP a couple of weeks ago and was charmed by its wanting-to-be-hep vibe.  It's similar to the effect of watching 1960s movies that have scenes set in a "teen discotheque."  Said club is usually populated by actors much too old to portray "teens" and they are dressed in buttoned suits.  The women have full makeup and heels. The music playing is some sixty-year-old studio executive's idea of "young people" music.  If you were ever a part of the actual demographic that is being portrayed, you cringe.

In the same way, the people behind this record used a lot of actual talent and craft to put together a "honky tonk" performer with some "folk songs."  Released around 1963, this odd combination of musical styles is the equivalent of the church social director throwing an ice cream social, trying to get the grumpy grandpa together with those darn kids who hot-rod down the street at the ungodly hour of 9PM.

Right after I finish my mug of jalapeno root bear and polish off my plate of charcoal whipped cream, I'll tell you how it came out [sarcasm mode].

01. Hootenanny (1:47)
02. Way Down in the Valley (1:57)
03. Tom Dooley (1:52)
04. Green, Green (2:16)
05. Tom Cat (2:03)
06. Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport (2:45)
07. Saturday Night (2:34)
08. Walk Right In (2:23)
09. Good Old Mountain Dew (2:10)
10. Green Back Dollar (2:18)
11. Hootenanny Granny (2:15)
12. Long John Done Gone (2:22)

Also included are the liner notes, a jolly attempt to mash up the worlds of antiquated hearing aids and youth-inspired protest songs.  A taste: 

"TOM DOOLEY has every reason to lift his head when Tiny adds that unique tempo to the music."


You have been warned!  Honky Tonk Hootenanny


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