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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Famous Monsters Speak -- An Evening with Boris Karloff

The above LP was advertised in the back of Eerie, Creepy, Famous Monsters, and other essential preteen reading material of the 1960s.

According to Discogs, this 1963 kids' record was written by Chaney Berg, with the "voices" of Gabriel Dell performing.  Don;t you wonder if the writer's name might be a pseudonym, a variant of the evil Chernobog?

There are two tracks.
1 Frankenstein's Monster Talks
2 Dracula's Return

Famous Monsters Speak

This 1967 release features the King of the Monsters narrating sound excerpts from various Universal monster movies.  There are ten tracks.

01 - Introduction
02 - Dracula
03 - All About the Monster
04 - Frankenstein
05 - The Mummy
06 - The Bride of Frankenstein
07 - The Son of Frankenstein
08 - The Wolf Man
09 - The House of Frankenstein
10 - Finale
An Evening with Boris Karloff and His Friends

Stay scared, kiddies!

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