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Monday, October 19, 2015

Disco Dracula and "The Munsters" Singing Group

The LP Disco Dracula by a group called Hot Blood came out in 1977.

01. Baby Frankie Stein
02. Even Vampires Fall in Love
03. Soul Dracula
04. Sex Me
05. Blackmail
06. Dracula Goes Dreamy
07. Terror on the Dance Floor


This super-fun bit of 1960s pop perfection was released in 1964.  The performers were anonymous studio musicians, their presentation devised to plug the NBC TV show.

1)  Munster Creep
2)  Frankenstein Had a Hot Rod Car
3)  $1.98 King-Size Voodoo Kit
4)  Vampire Vamp
5)  Hermans Place
6)  (Here Comes the) Munster Koach
7)  TV Monster Show
8)  Eerie Beach
9)  Make It Go Away
10)  You Created a Monster
11)  Ride the Midnight Special
12)  Down in the Basement

Here's an article from Billboard about this promo group:

Disco Dracula

The Musical Munsters 

See you Thursday.

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