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Monday, May 4, 2015

Homage to What You Expect to Hear

This is New Age / Native American music.  That's where it would be filed in a big categorized list.  It's up to you, my friend, whether you put ironic quotation marks around these terms.

I mean, it's easy to read these track descriptions as anything from pompous and silly, to cynical and trite, to direct and honestly felt.

01. Wings Over Water (3:13)
02. Mountain Meadows (4:15)
03. Firegazer (2:35)
04. Midnight Memories (4:10)
05. Dreams - As I Leave the Earth (3:48)
06. Homage (2:59)
07. Celebration (1:35)
08. Earth Spirit (2:30)
09. Purification (2:37)
10. Thunder Calling (6:18)
11. Song of Unity (1:35)

I hope somebody out there likes this Homage.


  1. OK, I'm open minded and I'll be happy to take it for a test drive. Thanks for the opportunity!

  2. This is so relaxing, has a soothing effect