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Monday, May 11, 2015

Eklektic World Music -- With Wild Gypsy Abandon!

This is a bit of fun music.  But mysterious fun!

The "Slovakian piano legend" Ernest Olah is evidently NOT the same guy.  You can find stuff from the famous guy on Amazon.

Now, our guy MIGHT be a relative of the older Ernest.

Now, there is a CD available from Amazon that appears to feature some of the same players.  But the tracks shown on the Amazon release's label aren't the same as the ones listed on the back of my CD.

01. Memory of Virtuoso Violins (1:48)
02. Romanze (5:45)
03. Melody from Argentina (4:56)
04. Meditation (5:33)
05. Jazz Melody from Brazil (3:11)
06. Last Summer (2:00)
07. Jazz-walzer (3:35)
08. Memory of Django Reinhardt (2:43)
09. Budapest Gipsy Hora (1:58)
10. This Is Sheer Comedy! (2:18)

Each of these tracks ends with applause, indicating that these are live recordings.  But they are very fun!

Speaking of fun, here's a humorous indication that perhaps this was an amateur release, a blow-up of the disc:

 What's funny is that it's not a tape, it's a compact disc.

 So, kick up your heels and dance!


  1. This music just "hits" my "spot," if you "know" what I mean (wink).

    Thanks, Mark!

  2. So glad you didn't feel gypped!