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Thursday, February 5, 2015

MA-46 - Joy and Noise, Disc 2

This is one of the compilations of songs that make me think, smile, cry, and be thankful.  There are many places where you can buy their albums, just do a web search on their names!

1 -    Hey, Hey  The Elms
2 -   God So Loved     Jaci Valesquez
3 -   100 Million Eyeballs     Miss Angie
4 -   Free     Ginny Owens
5 - One Real Thing Skillet
6 - Redeemer Nicole C Mullen
7 - Irene    Toby Mac
8 - Pray For Me Miranda & Sparklepop
9 - Forgiveness Rhonda Gunn
10 - Big House Audio Adrenaline
11 - Breathe    Sixpence None The Richer
12 - River    Out of Eden
13 - God Is Big Knowdaverbs
14 - God of Wonders   City on a Hill
15 - His Cheeseburger Veggietales
16 - Superman Luna Halo
17 - For Such a Time as This Wayne Watson
18 - Hero Superchick
19 - The Table Riley Armstrong
20 - Lion and the Lamb Crystal Lewis

Start jumpin'!

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