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Monday, September 15, 2014

Music Was Happening Then

In an earlier blog post we came across the first two "pop" albums conducted by David McCallum.  These are the latter two.

It's Happening Now was released in 1967.  McCallum came out in 1968.

01. A Man and a Woman (2:34)
02. If I Were a Carpenter (2:09)
03. Louie, Louie (3:15)
04. Love Is a Hurtin' Thing (2:21)
05. Winchester Cathedral (2:07)
06. I Can't Control Myself (3:03)
07. Who Am I? (2:40)
08. Cherish (3:47)
09. Carnegie Ball (2:03)
10. On a Weekend (1:44)
11. Alfie (2:53)
12. House of Mirrors (2:22)
13. 98-Point-6 (3:25)
14. I'm a Believer (3:23)
15. Mellow Yellow (2:36)
16. Penny Lane (3:28)
17. 59th Street Bridge Song (2:29)
18. Strawberry Fields Forever (3:05)
19. California Dreamin' (2:33)
20. Mercy, Mercy, Mercy (3:39)
21. B.B. (2:56)
22. White Daisies (1:41)
23. Oh My! (2:09)

So, after listening to this, you too may emulate Star Trek's Mr Sulu:  Oh My!

See you Thursday.


  1. OOhhh! A nice companion piece to my removed artificial lung. THANX.............

  2. Thank you too! I love browsing your blog. --Mark

  3. In all honesty, THIS is top drawer music. At least as good as Billy May or Neal Hefti. What capacity did McCallum produce these? Was he the orch. leader, arranger? It's just a shame he didn't sing to some of these...

  4. He conducted, and a now-famous "elevator music" arranger laid it out for him. If you check out Discogs you can learn more.