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Monday, July 28, 2014

I Embarrassed My Family

In summer of 1976, I was in-between years at OCU (Oklahoma City University).  My girlfriend Joyce was driving an ice-cream truck.

For our nation's Bicentennial, my brother Robert picked up Joyce and I and we drove to Kansas City, where our sister Sue lived with her husband Bob.  We went to a movie, a KC Royals game, and watched some of the TV coverage of the Bicentennial celebrations.

On the morning of Sunday, July 4th, Joyce and I walked up the street to a neighborhood church that burned its mortgage, having just paid it off.

Also on that weekend, we watched Mel Brooks' new Silent Movie.  I embarrassed everybody else by shrieking and contorting with laughter.  But man, it was worth it!

This is the LP release of the film's soundtrack, composed and arranged to perfection by John Morris.

1)  Silent Movie March
2) Sidewalk Oddities; Custom Suit and Acupuncture
3) Burt Reynolds' House
4) Engulf & Devour
5) The Wrong Dog Rag
6) Liza Minnelli and Knights in Armor
7) Coat Routine; Men's Room
8) Anne Bancroft; Rio Bomba Bossa Nova
9) New Flamencos; Jalousie
10) Marcel Marceau
11) Wheelchair Chase
12) Marty Feldman Two Step
13) Babalu
14) Hotel Sleez; Lord of Winos
15) Sneak Preview
16) Film Chase; Coke Machine War
17) Silent Movie March

You can't go wrong with this one!  Your sense of fun will be Engulfed and Devoured!


  1. Silence is golden...and so are the many jewels I've found here. Thanks so much!

  2. Considering my disposition, some of it may be FOOL'S gold! -- Mark