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Monday, July 14, 2014

Bright Eyes

Here's the score (with additions) to this fascinating film.  Several folks have told me that it creeped them out when they watched it as children because the story and style are not of the cute-animal variety.

1.      Prologue and Main Title        5:43
2.     Venturing Forth       1:11
3.     Into the Mist      1:24
4.     Crossing the River and Onward       2:24
5.     Fiver’s Vision    2:08
6.     Through the Woods        2:49
7.     The Rat Fight     0:41
8.     Violet’s Gone     1:21
9.     Climbing The Down  1:41
10.  Bright Eyes and Interlude    3:06
11.   Bigwig’s Capture 3:06
12.  Kehaar’s Theme 2:48
13.  The Escape From Efrafa 4:00
14.  Hazel’s Plan 1:36
15.  Final Struggle and Triumph 3:08
16.  The End Titles    2:59
       BONUS  TRACK:
17.   Bright Eyes (single version) 4:00

See you down the rabbit hole!

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