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Monday, October 21, 2013

MA-16 - Ghos-Terrific Sounds

Thanks to the wonders of changing file hosts, you too can take a trip down Memory Lane as I re-post my earlier Halloween music compilations.

We've made it up to the fine aulde yeare of 2011.

And here's the straight poop...

1    Mr After Halloween Costume Shop Salesman      Al Lowe       1:00
2    "The Return of Dracula": The End      Gerald Fried      4:08
3    Teenage Frankenstein      Alice Cooper     3:27
4    Trick or Treat      Andrew Gold     3:23
5    Everybody Loves You When You're Dead      Stranglers   2:39
6    Creature from the Black Leather Lagoon       The Cramps       3:12
7    Count Dracula     All About Halloween     1:09
8 Halloween in Heaven Type O Negative 4:50
9 The Nightmare Before Christmas Pharaoh Atem 1:37
10 Godzilla (Album Version) Blue Oyster Cult 3:42
11 Halloween Parade David Berkeley    3:16
12 Gigantor Helmet   4:12
13 Surfin' Halloween Big Chopper 1:27
14 Count Dracula Robbie the Werewolf 5:09
15 Halloween Monster Mania stAllio!   7:55
16 Planet of the Apes Frankenstein Drag Queens   3:00
17 The Legend of Wooley Swamp Charlie Daniels   3:56
18 Spooks of Halloween Town   Yoko Shimomura   1:20
19 Hand of Blood Bullet for My Valentine 3:37
20 Casper, the Friendly Ghost      Peter Pan Singers 0:53
21 Scary Song Frankenstein Drag Queens    2:37
22 Zombie Stomp      H. Zombie featuring Toño Pneumo 4:14
23 Halloween Party     Sue Schnitzer 3:54
24 Frankenstein Rock Eddie Thomas 1:50
25 I Want a Monster     Prairie Dawn 2:12

So, have a Spooky Monday!

PS...this is the original 1955 art that I adapted for my CD front:


  1. Happy spooky spoc-tober! So glad to see some early Halloween cheer - my favorite time of year!!
    Thank you for all these wonderful mixes, listening to this one right now...Andrew Gold's 'Trick or Treat'>>dig it! 'All About Halloween' is adapted from the old Nintendo game Castlevania II:Simon's Quest! Right On!!
    Thanks again my friend

  2. Thanks for sharing that info about the "Count Dracula" track! Spook on!