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Monday, October 14, 2013

MA-10 - The 2010 Spook-Tacular

Back from the limbo of a defunct hosting service, it's my Halloween compilation for 2010.

In the tradition of old spook shows, you are hereby dared to sit still the whole performance through!  Can your heart take the thrill! as monsters emerge from the speakers, REAL and ALIVE! we're not sure what happens when Frankie Stein meets the Creature with the Atom Brain, but -- WOW!

1    Halloween Sale        Goodwill       0:59
2    Attack Of The Fifty Foot Woman  The Tubes        4:25
3    It's a Nerdy Halloween       Herbert Midgley  2:42
4    Frankie-Stein        Robbie Robison  2:58
5    This Is Halloween          Panic! At the Disco    3:27
6    I Only Have Eyes for You       Spike Jones 3:26
7 Horray For Horrorwood Frankenstein Drag Queens 2:18
8 It's Halloween Greg Conley 3:07
9 Zombie Dance The Cramps 1:51
10 Mummy Beach Hot Lava 2:59
11 Love Song For A Vampire Annie Lennox 4:12
12 Creature with the Atom Brain JezusFactory 2:40
13 Saturday Evening Ghost Frankie Stein and His Ghouls 2:01
14 Halloween Song Evangelicals 2:15
15 Mummy Walk Contrails 2:36
16 Main Theme Dracula Twins 1:32
17 Vincent Price Zombina & the Skeletones2:19
18 Monster Mash Misfits 2:34
19 Kids Halloween 10/30/2008 ASK U 1:14
20 Halloween Linda Book 2:52
21 Feed My Frankenstein    Alice Cooper 4:40
22 Dead Man's Curve Jan & Dean 2:25
23 Creature from Outer Space Big EyedBeans from Venus 3:05
24 Bo Meets the Monster   Bo Diddley 3:03
25 TV  Theme Gigantor 0:52
26 Frankenstein Stomp Count Lorry & The Biters 2:01
27 The Skeleton In The Closet Louis Armstrong    3:08
28 Frankenstein Twist The Crystals 2:53
29 Frankenstein Meets The Beetles     Jekyll & Hyde 1:51

 And now your fate is in your hands!