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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Springtime in December

There may be a lot of you who first encountered Stravinksy's Rite of Spring when watching Fantasia.  That's the way it was with me!

While this is wild, raucous music at times, it always makes you look down your nose on those folks who rioted at the first performance, because it was so --- ODD.

Here are two transcriptions, one for piano, one for guitar.  Both will get your eyebrows rising, your fingers twitching, and maybe your shoulders bopping, too!

As included, here are the tracks:

Dickran Atamian - solo piano
Part One:  The Adoration of the Earth  (14:35)
1.         Intro - The Augurs Of Spring - Ritual Of Abduction -          Spring Rounds - Ritual Of The Rival Tribes - Procession       Of The Sage - The Sage - Dance Of The Earth
2.         Part Two:  The Sacrifice  (15:26)
           Intro - Mystic Circles Of The Young Girls - Glorification Of The Chosen One - Evocation Of The Ancestors - Ritual Action Of The Ancestors - Sacrificial Dance: The Chosen One
Larry Coryell  - solo guitar
3.         Part One:  The Adoration of the Earth (16:25).
            Introduction - Dance of the Young Maidens - Mock Abduction - Spring Rounds - Games of the Rival Tribes - Entry of the Wise Men - Kiss to the Earth - Worship      Dance of the Earth
 4.  Part Two:  The Sacrifice (18:48).
            Introduction - Mystical Circle of the Young Maidens - Glorification of the Chosen One - Evocation of the Ancestors - Sacrificial Dance

And here is the link: 

See you Monday with more Christmas music.


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