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Friday, May 27, 2011


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Today, you can OD on Trek music.  Here we have covers of Courage's ST themes, music from the films, and ABOUT Trek, too.

Here are the tracks:
1        The Galactic Force Band        Star Trek TV Theme
2        Gene Page Star Trek TV Theme
3        Gotham’s Greatest         Star Trek TV Theme
4        Gotham’s Greatest         STAR TREK: The Motion Picture Theme
5        Chris Holland        Star Trek TV Theme
6        Nichelle Nichols    Theme from Star Trek
7        Now Sound Orchestra    Ilia’s Theme from ST:TMP
8        Now Sound Orchestra    Star Trek II Theme
9        Now Sound Orchestra    ST:TMP Theme
10      Schnauzer Radio Orchestra    Star Trek TV Theme
11      The Charles Randolph Grean Sounde       Star Trek TV Theme
12      Orion Star Trek Tekkno
13      The Secret Agents         Star Trek TV Theme
14      Phil Reavis Star Trek TV Theme
15      Super Hero Orchestra    Star Trek TV Theme
16      Ettore Strata         Star Trek Suite
17      Ed Willett    Star Trek TV Theme
18      Wonderland Space Shuttle     Star Trek TV Theme
19      Laserlight Label   Star Trek TV Theme
20      Phil Woods Quintet        Star Trek TV Theme
21      London Philharmonic     Star Trek TV Theme
22      James Horner       The Search for Spock
23      Opie & Anthony    Star Trek Rhapsody
24      The Firm     Star Trekkin’

Here is the link:  

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