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Monday, June 3, 2013

Put That Ho Down!

Here we have the triumph of process over art, of arrangement over original.  This is one of those "safe" records that you could listen to with your grandparents.  They would appreciate the bouncy, upbeat music (as they would think of it).  You would cringe as you imagined how many steps the final product might be from the spontaneity and freedom that is the origin of musical art.

01. Devil’s Dream (1:38)
02. Turkey in the Straw (1:49)
03. Back Up and Push (1:34)
04. Maiden’s Prayer (3:03)
05. Golden Slippers (2:33)
06. Fire in the Mountain (1:46)
07. Arkansas Traveler (2:15)
08. Orange Blossom Special (2:39)
09. Listen to the Mocking Bird (1:58)
10. Faded Love (3:11)
11. Fisher’s Horn Pipe (1:31)
12. Chicken Reel (1:52)

I just re-listened to a few bars of "Faded Love" -- which is my fine State of Oklahoma's official Country and Western Song -- and cringed anew.  If "Love" were like this song, then it could not fade, because it would be sealed in Lucite and wrapped in about three layers of lacquer, sprayed with clear Rustoleum.

This definitely fits into the category of so-bad-it-'s-OK.
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